online vision therapyOnline vision therapy is a very effective way of developing the visual skills a child needs in order to learn effectively. Unlike traditional eye exercises, which is trying to strengthen muscles, online vision therapy is designed to develop and train and visual skills.

What is Online Vision Therapy and How Does It Work?

Training is a concept that most people understand…
If we want a child to be good at anything in life, we do not hesitate to train them. For example, if they want to learn to play the piano we will send them to piano practice. If they want to play football, we will send them to football practice. When they go to these practices, they are not actually performing in front of an audience or playing a game at the highest level, but what they are doing is drilling the skills that they need to perform on the big stage.
However, when it comes to reading, we just throw them on the field and hope they develop the skills they need!

What skills am I referring to?

The fact is we are not born being able to read or do the things needed to read. We cannot control our eye movements so that they can reliably move from one word to the next, we cannot coordinate our focus and eye teaming so words are clear and single. We do not know how to visualize to help with spelling and word recognition. We cannot team, our eye and our hand to help us write.
These are all skills that we are not born with that we try to learn as we start into school (and even before we get to school).
Some children, especially those with learning disabilities or dyslexia, are way behind in their visual skills.
We can force them to do reading and writing, which they hate, and hopefully over time they will gain at least some of the skills required to do the job. However, and far more direct and effective way of improving them is to train the actual skills they use directly, using online vision therapy.
Using vision therapy, Darin Browne is training the skills children need to perform in school, and the great thing is that he uses a series of targeted games and activities that are fun for kids! That way the children want to try hard and do the activities, and we see a comparable increase in visual skills.
Do if your child is struggling with reading, writing or spelling, don’t just keep throwing them on the field expecting that, if they do more of what they hate, somehow, miraculously, I will all turn around and they will gain the skills needed to perform well.
Instead of making them do more of what they hate, check out online vision therapy, take matters into your own home and start training your child’s visual skills, the skills they need to perform in reading, writing and spelling.