Kids having funChildren with learning disabilities can be greatly helped by doing vision therapy at home.  As a parent, you are able to do it at any hour of the day or night when you choose, without having to make a specific time to travel to the optometrist.  You can also do it in the comfort of your own home, with not appointments and no travel necessary! However, it can be a nightmare to try and do these Vision Therapy at Home techniques with a child at home!  Traditional eye exercises are long, boring and repetitive, causing a lot of children to react badly and take it out on the well meaning parents. What is the missing element when you attempt vision therapy at home?  It is the element of fun!

Some Vision Therapy at Home Is Not Fun!

For years I have seen the effectiveness of Vision Therapy at Homeas a behavioural optometrist, but getting parents and children to do the exercises has always been a chore.  Doing them myself with my daughter at home underlined how boring, dull, uncomfortable and monotonous the techniques actually were!  She loathed them, and me I might add, and we fought to get absolutely nowhere! Sound familiar?  What I was missing was the element of having fun! So I went back to the drawing board and started again, realizing this time that I needed to inject an element of fun into the Vision Therapy at Home.  If you make something fun a child will try harder and do better, and you might have enthusiasm and results instead of a screaming match!

My Vision Therapy at Home is Fun!

To illustrate this, let me explain how I took a dull exercise which involved circling numbers in the right order placed across a page.  A simple task but not an inspiring one, until I added some fun… The numbers are replaced by numbered flies, and the task involves circling each fly 3 times to “swat it”.  Then we add a stopwatch, and the child is not only swatting flies but racing the clock to beat his best time as well. Same exercises, but swatting flies is so much more fun and interesting than circling numbers, especially to a child! This is just one example of many where adding fun to Vision Therapy at Home makes things interesting, and actually causes us to have better outcomes and results as well.  Given that I am basically a child who never grew up, it means that I am a slightly crazy optometrist who gets super results, sort of like the Wiggles of behavioural optometry if you will!  But my aim was to get kids doing the vision therapy at home effectively, and adding fun makes the tasks far more effective. It is true that some vision therapy at home exercises are dull and cannot be significantly made fun, but I try and balance any dull, strenuous therapies with some fun activities each week.  If the child knows that a fun exercise is coming they will often see the boring one off in order to get to the fun one, and so even the boring ones are being performed effectively.

Vision Therapy at Home can be Effective

Vision Therapy at Homecan be effective if done correctly, and can dramatically imrpove children’s reading, writing and spelling.  However, it can just as easily turn into all-out war at home, and this is the main reason for parents stopping what could be the very tool they are seeking to help their child! By keeping things fun and turning exercises over every 2 weeks, we can increase compliance and have a positive effect on learning in most cases.  Making things fun means increasing compliance, enjoying the time together and seeing better results, so if you want fun and effective vision therapy at home let me know! Adding the element of fun to your vision therapy at home could be the answer to your child’s learning disabilities.

Vision Therapy At Home