If You’re Frustrated Spending Hours Trying to Help Your Child Learn, DON'T GIVE UP!

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Over 80% of children with learning difficulties including dyslexia HAVE VISION PROBLEMS THAT CAN BE SOLVED!

Learning the right visual skills is an essential part of development, but many children miss this development, and fall further and further behind with every passing month. Don’t let YOUR child struggle in school…

When YOU Have the Chance to Help Them Right Now!

Learning shouldn’t be a nightmare, should it?

While many children learn well, some kids miss out on the basic skills they need to learn,then spend the rest of their lives trying to catch up with the other kids!

Is This What YOUR Child is doing?

Here’s the thing… everybody learning to read and write has to develop the right visual skills to do the job. As we learn, most of us develop these skills, but many either fail to develop them or do so incorrectly.

But all is not lost! You have the power in our program to give your child these essential visual skills, and thereby give them the tools they need to start learning effectively

An old Chinese proverb says…

“Give a child a fish, feed Them for a day. Teach Them to fish, feed Them for a LIFETIME!”

Translation: Give a child the skills they need to learn, and they will learn well for the rest of their life!

Our vision therapy at home program allows your child to develop the skills they are lacking to SUPERCHARGE their learning!

Tutoring and reading support is great, but if underlying vision development problems remain, they will ALWAYS BATTLE to increase their reading ability!

I believe the Learning @ Lightspeed Vision Therapy Program is the answer for you because it gives your child the basic building blocks needed to actually supercharge their reading, writing and spelling.

Start Now and use Learning @ Lightspeed

to Give Your Child the Visual Skills

That will Guarantee Academic Success

and Keep Them Learning for a Lifetime!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? NO magic, NO mystique & NO crazy, untried theories.

Our vision therapy course uses proven ideas and techniques that are guaranteed to improve your child’s visual skills, and you will see that improvement over a few months in front of your eyes!

So How Does The Program Work?

Like I said, no magic, we are simply training the actual skills your child needs to read, write and spell.

Instead of letting them develop these skills as a part of reading, we can concentrate on them and

develop them at an accelerated rate using Learning @ Lightspeed.


We Train and Develop Skills in Other Areas of Life, So Why Not Reading?

If you wanted your child to play the guitar, you wouldn’t just buy them a guitar and stand them onstage to play in front of a thousand people! What would you do?

That’s right, you’d send them to guitar lessons, where they would learn the skills they need to play the guitar properly.

If you wanted your child to be a dancer, you’d send them to dance class right?

If you wanted your child to be a great footballer, you cannot just turn up for the games themselves! Even the best footballers in the world have to go to football practice. Are they playing the game at practice? Generally not, but they are drilling the skills they need, sharpening them so that when they get into a real game they have the right skills to draw on.

With the Learning @ Lightspeed Program You Can Beat Dyslexia and Learning Problems

Here’s What This Vision Therapy Program Can Do…

  • This Vision Therapy Program will improve your child’s focus and eye coordination so they can concentrate on their schoolwork for double or triple the time they currently concentrate for (wouldn’t that be great!)
  • It will improve your child’s eye movements so they stop skipping, mixing up or misreading words or lines (without having to run their finger under the print)
  • This Program will supercharge their spelling ability so they can learn new words quickly and effectively, RETAINING these words forever (Instead of forgetting them a page later)
  • It will increasing the speed and flow of reading, including expression and comprehension so they not only read more effectively but remember and retain the information easily
  • This Therapy Program will also improve their writing and pencil control so that ideas flow quickly and easily when they writing
  • It will increase your child’s confidence when approaching reading, writing and spelling and will improve their love of reading as well as their school performance and grades!
  • This Program will even improve eye movement and hand-eye control and help their sporting ability, including catching and hitting!

Monthly Access

Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Learning @ Lightspeed

Gives Your Child the Visual Skills To Guarantee Academic Success and Keep Them Learning for a LIFETIME!

  • Targeting the actual visual skills they need to learn and concentrate effectively.
  • Using fun activities your child will love.
  • Giving your child confidence to face school.
  • Enabling them become effective learners for their entire lifetime!
  • Investing only 20 minutes a day!
  • All in the comfort of your own home!

Here's What Our Vision Therapy Works On...


Learn how to improve your child's focus so they can concentrate on their schoolwork and homework


Help them to converge correctly to aid concentration, flow of reading and comprehension


Improve flow of reading, reduce misreads and also improve ball skills and sports


Help them learn letters and words quickly and effectively, retaining them (instead of forgetting them by the next page)


Reprogram your child's internal space to stop them writing letters and words backwards


Train balance, whole body and finger dexterity to help writing and ball sports


Improve writing and pencil control so they can write neatly, quickly and creatively


Learn the secrets of correct coding and letters and how to sequence and orderfigures


Apply essential visual skills to directly improve reading, writing and comprehension

This is One of the Greatest Investments You Can Make in Your Child!

Don’t miss your opportunity to reconstruct your child’s visual skills from Prep up, correctly learning in the right order so each skill builds on the last. When learned, these visual skills will last a lifetime and SUPERCHARGE their learning experience.

Don’t wait until your child is further behind, because the longer you wait, the worse the problem and you will have to spend spend thousands of dollars, hours of time and loads of tears to try and help your child!


Is it hard to get children to do the therapies?

Absolutely not! Most of these therapies are actually games, so kids love doing them. I show you the right games to play, and in the right order, to allow your child to naturally develop the visual skills they need to do well in school

Don’t I need a full trained therapist to do these activities?

NO, and that’s the whole point of my therapies. My aim is to help you AVOID the cost and hassle of in office therapy, so I teach you EXACTLY what you need to do, when to do it and give you everything you need to do the job.

Are there any hidden charges for equipment?

No, this program is designed to be done in your home, using things you usually have in your home, not special lenses and the like. The cost is spread over 9 months, then it stops. If you need to take a break, redo things or take things a little slower, there’s no problem at all, and you are not charged extra.

How can I possibly get my child concentrating for 20 minutes a day?

This is sometimes a challenge, but you don’t have to do all of the activities at once. You can break it into several sessions in a day, or double up on a few sessions if you want to. Learning @ Lightspeed gives you the flexibility to fit with your lifestyle, even if you are travelling away from home!

This amazing vision therapy package is not available ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. I know, because I’ve personally designed Learning @ Lightspeed over the last decade, pioneering it in my own Behavioral Optometry Practice where I’ve seen (and measured) outstanding results in children struggling with dyslexia, learning problems and underachievement!

Learning @ Lightspeed uses powerful, proven therapies that can accelerate your child’s learning regardless of how well, or not so well they are currently doing at school.

Give Your Child the Visual Skills That Will Guarantee Academic Success and Keep Them Learning for a Lifetime!

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The entire 9 month vision therapy program for only $127.00 a month!

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